51% OFF – Daily Deal – Glasslock Glass Container/ Baby Meal 3pc Set ( 3 Round 165ml Tempered Glass Container) – Valid From 16 – 18 May 2014

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51% OFF – Daily Deal – Glasslock Glass Container/ Baby Meal 3pc Set ( 3 Round 165ml Tempered Glass Container) – Valid From 16 – 18 May 2014

Non-toxic and non-reactive, very durable and stain-resistant, GlassLock containers are safe for the microwave, dishwasher and freezer. FDA-approved tempered glass is, of course, BPA-free, so you can feel confident that your family’s food is being stored in containers that are as safe as possible. GlassLock’s products are also highly attractive and stack nicely, so they look great while bringing order to your pantry or refrigerator. GLASSLOCK is made of silica, soda ash, limestone and other natural components, making it eco-friendly and recyclable.It is BPA free and does not contain any harmful environmental hormones.

Preparing baby food has a sense of satisfaction. Contentment is something that is best for preparing for the baby and be sure to know what is given. Making home-made solid foods is more advisable than buying because there so I know the exact content of the food so that it can analyze the first food intake in infants.

One important thing is the food storage area after completion. Why should be saved? because eating very little and sometimes the baby would be very difficult for us when making food for a meal portions. Here is one that is YumYum Baby Food Container GlassLock.

– When frozen, substances might expand and cause potential breakage of the container.

– Do not fully fill up with water or liquid. Recommended capacity is less than 80% off full level.




Portions for a meal

Because infants have a small portion of food that we need small containers. This will help us when the process after the presentation of the food is stored. We only access the food that will be served while the rest remain in the container. But if we save large portions of the possibility of contaminated air and dust greater because often do open the lid.

Airtight container

Each container contained silicone on the lid in order to ensure food inside airtight. The presence of air in contact a lot of food in a long period of time can lead to oxidation so the vitamin is lost or generate new substances because there is a reaction between air and food.In addition there are 4 on each ear flap so make sure caps lock is attached very strong.

Best Materials

We Known a lot of people understand that glass is the best material for a storage container. In addition please note that YumYum GlassLock Baby Food Container is made of tempered glass.Tempered Glass is a glass material mixed with oven with higher temperatures result is a glass that is stronger and if it breaks it will produce grains that are not sharp.

Tempered glass material is also safe to use both in the freezer and microwave. Is also a practical step of storage (eg refrigerators), warmed, and served directly in the container.

Before Using

Wash throughly with a mild detergent, rinse and dry. During the first few uses, youmay experince a gasket ejection or it may be difficult to open the lid because of the 100% airtight function. This is not a manufacturer’s defect.


– Top rack dishwasher safe on delicate / low cycle to prevent damage of the container.

– To perseerve clarity and shininess of your Glasslock, do not use abrasive claner or scouring pads.

Caution : Use in microwave

– To use in microwave, please follow the directions in the user manual to avaoid breakage of the container.

– Do not use on dorect fire

– Do not close the lid s when heating, it may cause breakage of the container

– Do not overload when using in microwave

– Do not directly heat up the frozen contents with in the container, it may cause potential breakage

– Do not heat highly oiled substances, itm ay cause breakage of the container.

Caution : Use of glass container

– Carefully check for any scratch or crack before use. Even a tiny scratch may cause breakage of the container.

– Frequent impact on the container may cause breakage of the container

– Any scratch from abrasive cleaners may cause breakage

– Do not pile the container without the lids.

– Sudden temperature changes may cause disfiguring or breakage of the container

– Do not use in oven, direct fire

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