63% OFF – La gourmet® Shogun 3pcs Non-Stick Chef Cookware Set Cast Aluminium With Induction

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63% OFF – La gourmet® Shogun 3pcs Non-Stick Chef Cookware Set Cast Aluminium With Induction

It isn’t easy to choose the right cookware. Beside figuring out which material offers the most versatility, you must be sure the pots and pans are well-designed and safe to use. Several hallmarks distinguish good durable cookware from inferior brands.

– Cookware should be well balanced and sturdy enough to prevent denting and warping with ordinary use.

– The bottoms should be flat, to spread heat evenly.

– Handles should be strong enough to support the pan and comforatble to maneuver.

– Lids should fit snugly onto the pan to avoid rumbling during cooking.


– Extremely durable
– Low fat healthy cooking
– Food safe
– Allows acidic cooking
– Stick free cooking
– Saves cooking time and energy
– Flat base

Product Description

Consists Of

– 24 x 11cm Cast Aluminium Casserole with tempered glass lid, silicone handles and knobs & induction bottom.

– 28 x 7.5cm Cast Aluminium Deep Stirfry with tempered glass lid, bakelite soft touch handles & induction bottom.

– 28cm Cast Aluminium Pizza Pan with bakelite soft touch handles & induction bottom.


– Shogun by La gourmet® 3pc Chef Set uses llag Durit Resist non-stick coating made by iilag Switzerland. Ilag Durit Resist coating complies with all major International Regulations with regards to Food Contact. (US-FDA Approved)

– The body is thick gauged cast aluminium to allow good distribution and conduction of heat.

– The stay-cool handles are sturdy with easy grip.

Why Buy La gourmet® Shogun

Since the inception La gourmet® was built on the twin core principles of ‘ Conserve Energy ‘ and ‘ Healthy Living’.

Shogun by La gourmet® gives you the Assurance of Safety and a guarantee of a finely crafted cookware that provides convenience and healthy cooking.


– Low fat healthy cooking

Cooking is healthier due to using less oil.

– Food Safe

Shogun by La gourmet® cookware is certified safe for food contact use.

– Saves cooking time and energy

Shogun by La gourmet® excellent heat distribution reduces cooking time and save energy .

Use and Care

– To prolong the lifespan of Shogun Please

1 – Do not use the high heat persistently. Use the high heat the start and end of cooking. In between cooking process, please use low to medium heat

2- Do not use high heat on empty pan.

3- Please use kitchen towel to clean and warm water to rinse before cooking the next dish. Allow pan to cool before immersing in water.

– For cleaning only use a nin abrasive sponge with cleaning fluid.

– Only use nylon or silicone kitchen tools to avoid scratching the non stick cookware.


– La gourmet® Shogun cookware is warranted against any manufactures defect for 2 years. This does not cover against scratches, blisters of the non stick due to persistent high heat and aggressive cooking. Normal wear and tear on the non-stick is also not covered.

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