BBQ King Lifetime Furniture Fair 2015 – Valid Till 4th May 2015






BBQ King Lifetime Furniture Fair 2015 – Valid Till 4th May 2015

Available only at selected Kitchen Shop outlet :

Kitchen Shop Shah Alam
F2, 1st Flr, Plaza Shah Alam,
Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah E9/E,
Sect 9, 40100 Shah Alam
Tel : 03 55191399
Operating Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm

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About Lifetime

This is where we started


We’ve come a long way since our beginning. It all started as an idea in a garage in Riverdale, Utah. As a dedicated father and fan of basketball, Lifetime Products’ founder simply wanted to build a better basketball hoop for his family.

His passion for innovation quickly expanded beyond his initial project, and he created a company in March of 1986 called Lifetime Products. The philosophy for the name, as well as the goal of the company, was to build durable lasting products for consumers and their families.

Lifetime began by manufacturing basketball systems and inventing the Quick Adjust®. Built to adjust using a broom handle, it was the first basketball hoop homeowners could raise and lower quickly. The invention became the standard for our founder’s home, and eventually the world.

Lifetime Products became a world-wide trusted brand as it quickly broadened from basketball hoops to picnic tables, then folding tables and chairs. Now our sheds, kayaks, and more, are leaders in their markets. From those first years in Lifetime’s history, the company has grown from 15 employees in a partial warehouse to over 1,500 employees — all over the globe.

This is what we do


At Lifetime, we continually challenge ourselves to think different, think better. After inventing the first adjustable height basketball system, Lifetime invented the first portable basketball hoop and then the first complete basketball system packaged in one box. This simple, yet new concept made basketball systems easy for mass retailers to store and sell, and for consumers to take home.
After that, it was time to think outside the packaged box and challenge ourselves yet again. Using our manufacturing expertise in plastics and metals, in 1995 we invented a picnic table that folds flat with a blow-molded plastic tabletop. Later, in 1998 we used that same tabletop material and invented the first “the original” blow-molded folding utility table, making heavy wooden folding tables practically obsolete.

By constantly applying innovation and pioneering technology in plastics and metals, we continue to create products that revolutionize the industry with patented technology. With even more Lifetime products being invented and manufactured on nearly a daily basis, we are committed to continually bringing you better solutions for the needs of life.

This is who we are

Quality: it’s not just in our tagline, it’s our promise to you. Our goal is, and has always been, to create affordable products with quality, strength, and durability. We do this by growing profitably and providing opportunities for our people. We do this through diversification, by continuing to enter new product categories, expanding our market share, and constantly improving and innovating. And, we do this by sharing value with our customers while lowering costs.

But it’s about more than just quality products. It’s about being a quality company. Our brand is world-trusted and of great value to our customers. And there’s a reason. Lots of them actually. Our products reflect our dedication to quality and innovation. We always treat our employees, customers, and suppliers with respect, honesty, and integrity. We look to promote from within the Lifetime family whenever possible, giving our employees greater opportunities. We understand the importance of power found in unified teamwork, and we work to succeed as a group, not as individuals. At Lifetime Products, we are a company with passion to do things the best way, because it’s the right thing to do.

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