39% OFF – Glasslock Baby Glass Bottles Set (260ml & 150ml Wide Bottle) Valid From 29 – 31 March 2014

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39% OFF – Glasslock Baby Glass Bottles Set (260ml & 150ml Wide Bottle) Valid From 29 – 31 March 2014

Baby Safe by Kinetic is a unique and innovative combination of glass baby bottles and FDA approved GlassLock food storage containers. The GlassLock baby bottles are tempered glass with silicone ring protection to protect the glass bottles when falling down. These products are BPA free, allowing a baby to be fed without the worry of chemicals leaching.

GlassLock Baby Glass Bottle Wide Type 260ml comes with a large flow silicone nipple and GlassLock Baby Glass Bottle Wide Type 150ml comes with a medium flow silicone nipple. 

– 100% BPA Free – GlassLock BB jr is made from natural glass, completely free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, lead and phthalates. This includes all replacement part; Silicone nipple and standard collars.

– Removable Silicone Rings for Impact Resistance – Soft and fashionable silicone sleeve improves impact resistance of glass and does not contain BPA.

– Just Like Mom – Innovative Air Venting System reduces colic and the swallowing of air. Excellent Soft and Flexible Silicone free of harmful material/Soft and extremely temperature resistant/Smooth surface. Durable non-slip silicone nipple provides comfort during feeding and minimizes the swallowing of air during suction.

– Wide Circle of Bottle – Common use in wide standard type. Easy to clean and sterilize. FDA approved polyethylene ring securely fastens nipple. Suitable for other brands of replacement nipples/cap. No Odor/Stain/Scratch. Unlike plastic, the GlassLock Jr. BB won’t scratch, stain or hold an odor.

– Easy Gripping – Ergonomically designed bottle shape helps moms to fee their babies more easily. The impact resistant removable silicone sleeve improves impact resistance if dropped.

– Appliance Friendly – Steam Sterilizer Safe, Refrigerator Safe, and Dishwasher Safe

Product Description

Glasslock baby bottles cannot withstand sudden change in temperature. Customers should not submerge the glass bottles in cold water after heating them, or the glass may crack or break.

Baby feeding tips
  • For bottle-feeding, hold and cuddle your baby and talk to him or her while positioning the bottle without propping it on your baby.
  • As your baby might swallow some air while feeding, you should help your baby burp by holding him or her against your chest and tapping his or her back lightly with cupped hands.
  • For solid edibles, prepare mashed foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and bananas so that your baby gets proper nutrients before they discover the wickedness of vegetables.

Set includes:

1- 8oz.Glass Bottle

1-5oz. Glass Bottle

2- Silicone Nipples

2-Plastic End Caps

FDA Approved & BPA Free

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