62% OFF – Daily Deal – La gourmet Classic 24cm X 4.5cm Frypan With Glass Cover – Offer Ends on 6 April 2014.

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62% OFF – Daily Deal – La gourmet Classic 24cm X 4.5cm Frypan With Glass Cover – Offer Ends on 6 April 2014.

Since its inception 15 years ago, La gourmet was built on the twin core principles of ” Conserve Energy” and ” Healthy Living”. La gourmet has consistently
provided the consumers we serve with the highest possible standard of Quality Living Lifestyle for Today and Tomorrow. How Do We Achieve This?

– by providing VALUE and making available QUALITY products at AFFORDABLE prices.

– by innovation and continuous development of La gourmet cookware and products that are :

> functional
> energy saving
> eco – friendly
> hygienic to cook on and use
> sustainable
> versatile

Product Description

Why Buy La Gourmet Cookware?

– 18/10 Stanless Steel is one of the most hygenic materials to cook on . Most surgical instruments are made of 18/10 stanless steel as it is NON – REACTIVE and NON – POROUS. It does not corrode when it comes into contact with acidic ingredients suach as lemon juice, wine, vinegar nor does it give an off taste to foods. There is nothing more important then ensuring that the food prepared for our family is on a safe and healthy surfacr.

– La gourmet stainless steel is durable, resits scratching and denting and holds its shine even after years of using.

Ease Of Mind
– Every La gourmet cookware comes with a 10 year warranty on the product. This is La gourmet’s assurance and commitment to our customers on the quality of our produtcs. ( See enclosed warranty conditions)

Eco – Friendly
– Its excellent heat transmission properties guarantees optimal heat spread over the entire work. This saves energy andd time as you can use lower head and it cuts your cooking time.

Preserve Nutrients And Vitamins
– Using lower heat helpsto preserve the nutritional value of the foods and the natural sweetness without adding seasoning.

Tempered Glass Lod That Is Tough And Long Lasting
– The glass ld allows you to see what you are cooking without having to open the covering.

Stick And Burn Resistance
– The special multiply base provides good conduction and stick ressitance i.e food does not stick onto the cookware easily. This makes cleaning and cooking much more easier.

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