56% OFF – Daily Deal – Silit Passion Colours 24cm High Casserole Stainless Steel with Lid (Rose Pink )- Valid Till 14 June 2014

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56% OFF – Daily Deal – Silit Passion Colours 24cm High Casserole Stainless Steel with Lid (Rose Pink )- Valid Till 14 June 2014

Introducing Silit Cookware – the only cookware that’s as stylish as it is smart!

Silit’s amazing Passion range is cookware that will move you. Its lovely, shiny exterior is actually made from ceramic – and Silit’s curvy handles and simple shapes exude a funky, retro vibe that’ll make cooking more fun than ever. Unlike most pots and pans, hiding your Silit Cookware away in the cupboard where you keep the rest of your cookware will seem a terrible shame. This is the kind of cookware you’ll want to leave out on your kitchen bench – it’s just that lovely…

Underneath that glossy exterior, Silit’s Passion Cookware hides a top quality steel core. When the heat’s on in the kitchen, Silit Cookware knows how to cope, storing heat and distributing it through the entire body of the cookware – yes, even the sides! This means your food will be cooked quickly and evenly, using less energy than ever.

The cooking surface of Silit’s Passion range is made from all-natural, ultra-hard ceramic, so you don’t need to worry about the chemicals contained in some non-stick surfaces. Plus, Silit Cookware is also naturally antibacterial. Its ceramic surface, inside and out, leaves nowhere for nasty germs to hide. Clean and green, Silit Cookware has it all.

Silit’s Passion Cookware. It’s the only cookware that’s just as passionate about cookware as you are.

Passion High Casserole Pot features:

– Made in Germany.

– Extra-sturdy steel core is drawn in one piece, not only on the base of the cookware, but up the sides as well.

– Steel core conducts heat quickly and efficiently, storing it in your cookware and cooking your food evenly.

– Durable high-gloss ceramic exterior finish is harder than steel, and easy to keep clean.

– Cooking surface is also made from ultra-hard ceramic.

– Nickel-free construction is ideal for allergy sufferers.

– Ceramic surface is non-porous and naturally anti-bacterial.

– Curved pouring rim for spill-free pouring.

– Ergonomically designed, stainless steel handles.

– Lid made from high-quality, heat-resistant tempered glass.

– Suitable for all cook tops – including induction.

– Silit cookware has an ultra-smooth base, which won’t scratch delicate glass cooktops.

– Oven safe.

Care and Cleaning:
Energy friendly – the steel core locks in heat, allowing you to use less energy to cook than ever.
However, due to its ceramic construction, Silit cookware is also extremely resistant to cooking at high temperatures.
Dishwasher safe.

Extra Care Tips:
Silit Passion cookware features stainless steel handles, which may become very hot during use – especially when used in the oven. Make sure you use an oven mitt when handling hot Silit Passion cookware.

Diameter: 24cm.
Capacity: 6.6 Litres.

A brand from Germany

Instruction For Use & Maintenance

Please observe the following tips and you will enjoy your cookware Fresh Colours/ Passion Colours for many years to come:

– Before use, boil vinegar water ( water and 2-3 Tbs. household vinegar) in cookware for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and dry off thoroughly.

– Use the highest temperature setting on your stove for browning only. Then turn heat down to medium or low.

– When stewing or simmering food after it has been browned, use low temperature settings.

– When cooking with reduced water, only use the low temperature settings.

– Fresh colour/ Passion Colours cookware has metal handles and is thus also suitable for the oven. Please make sure to use hot pads, however. as the handles inevitably heat up.

– To avoid unnecessary loss of energy when using the gas stove make sure the gas flame does not lick up the sides of the cookware.

– Do not leave children unattended in the vicinity of hot cookware.

– Never overheat pots, cook’n serve / cook’ n frost bowls and pans ( for ex. when empty ). Never let the cooking liquid evaporate completely as this can result in damage to the cookware and the stove.

– Pots, pans and saucepan are very easy to clean as long as the remains of food have no yet dried on. Therefore soak pot or pan in water with some cleanser while the cookware is still hot. Clean the cookware in hot water using a commercial detergent and dry off immediately to prevent water from leaving spots.

– Please do not scratch off residue which is stuck onto the pot or pan, but rather soak the cookware in water immediately after use. Then the residue can be removed from the surface easily using a sponge or brush. It residue is burnt on, put water in pot or pan, add some cleanser and bring to a boil. Silit’s special powder cleanser or its intensive liquid cleanser is ideal for this purpose.

– Silargan® products are scratch-resistant, but often the abrasive side of sponges contains scouring agents with very hard diamond corundingum. Therefore the abrasive side of sponges as well as wire brushes are not suitable for cleaning this cookware.

– Please avoid pounding hard-edged metal kitchen utensils on chrome pouring rim as this can result in damage to the rim.

– Dry cookware well before storing.

– Discoloration and boiler scale can be removed by boiling a bit of vinegar in the cookware. Discoloration caused by accidentally heating up empty pots can be removed with Silit cleanser, for example.

– Because of the lids fir so well, it can happen that a vacuum forms when the pot cools down. In this case heat up briefly until it is possible to remove lid.

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