Why Vitamix

You don’t have time, ingredients, or money to waste. That’s why you need a machine designed and built to handle the toughest ingredients, every time. Because when your reputation is at stake, you need the very best equipment working beside you.

More Than a Blender
Our responsive controls create a full range of textures, from chunky salsas to smoother smoothies, letting you adjust each blend to your own taste buds.


Built to Last
Vitamix blenders are built to last and come with industry-leading warranties to give you the best value for your money.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean
We keep clean-up easy with containers that are self-cleaning, dishwasher-safe, or both.

Discover Your Passion
Vitamix fuels passions. It’s why we’re the brand trusted by professional chefs. But you won’t just find us in restaurant kitchens. You’ll also find us in home kitchens around the world.