Silit Sicomatic t-plus Press Release

Even legends can exceed themselves: With its Sicomatic t-plus, Silit not only presents the newest variation on an unbeatably popular kitchen artist but also maximization of culinary comfort and unique taste.

Of course the hermetic system is what generates this added sophistication. Acceleration of cooking processes in the air-tight Sicomatic reduces cooking times up to 70 percent, guarantees authentic aroma and helps preserve essential vitamins and minerals. All of this with a significant saving of energy, easy handling and uncompromising safety.

The user-friendly temperature regulator designed for single-handed use offers a completely new option: apart from a gentle temperature setting for delicate foods and a fast setting for meat, soups and stews, the Sicomatic t-plus now has a new temperature setting for conventional cooking. When the regulator is set at zero, no pressure builds up and this master of versatility can be used like a normal pot.

Setting no. 1: first white ring. Setting no. 2: second white ring. The Sicomatic t-plus communicates with the cook via an easy-to-read temperature setting display. White jags which make a striking appearance on the lower end of the valve give the cue for temperature reduction. Steam is automatically released at the same time.

Needless to say, the new Sicomatic has an integrated residual-pressure valve. No matter what happens, no matter who loses sight of things in the heat of the moment, it is definitely impossible to open the pot while pressurized. The Sicomatic t-plus proves itself to be a guarantor of safety and an unerring creature which never blows its cool.

Despite its technical superiority, the maintenance-free all-metal valve is easy to use, easy to clean and durable. The lid with its compact functionality simply gets rinsed off under running water, demonstrating typically amazing Silit convenience and daily rough-and-readiness.

Its versatility and suitability for all types of stoves including induction are enhanced by an appealing selection of materials. Silitโ€™s Silarganยฎ Sicomatic comes in Black, Wild Orange, Crazy Yellow, Energy Red, Polar White and Lemon Green and the Sicomatic t-plus is also available in elegant stainless steel. Where else can you choose a smashingly attractive pressure cooker with a personal touch without comprising functional performance?

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