Silit introduces new SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker

Kuala Lumpur, 1st December 2011 – Enjoy fun and efficient cooking with the new range of SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker designed by leading German cookware company, Silit. This innovative piece of modern cookware features
state-of-the-art technology that allows you to save up to 70% in cooking time and energy while preserving the valuable nutrients in the food. Its highly versatile, user-friendly and colourful design makes cooking easy and delightful! The promise of high quality cookware begins with the material used to create it; Silargan® is an exceptional cookware material discovered from years of research by Silit. Unique to the brand’s cookware, Silargan® is not only extremely durable, it is also anti-bacterial and nickel-free. Mr Hans Nasemann, the Managing Director of WMF Singapore, says: “Silit offers an experience beyond cooking. We incorporate precise and innovative technology and engineering to our products, an area that Germany has become world famous for, so that the cooking experience is enhanced, be it in terms of convenience, aesthetic appeal or quality. Silit’s SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker is one of our best examples of the advanced cookware technology that we have.” 

The SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker is also able to automatically maintain
precise cooking temperatures and at exact pressures according to the chosen
preset cooking level.
Shorter cooking times, combined with Silit’s precise, energy-efficient technology,
means the nutrients in food ingredients and its natural flavours are retained, so you
enjoy tastier, healthier meals.
“Traditionally, soups and stews require four to five hours to be cooked to perfection,”
said Chef Ryan Hong, host of cooking series, Chef for Hire. “With the SICOMATIC®
econtrol pressure cooker, these often time-consuming dishes can be prepared in
one-fifth of the usual time while still producing the original flavours of traditional
recipes. It is this combination of modern technology and traditional tastes that make
the SICOMATIC® econtrol such an enjoyable piece of cookware to have in the
kitchen.” Placing an emphasis on consumers’ safety, Silit ensures that the safety features of
the SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker are enhanced and foolproof. The
pressure cooker is designed such that it cannot be opened unintentionally when
pressurised and prevents unnecessary steam release. The advanced, maintenancefree
safety valve technology assures steam is released gently and gradually,
directing it away from the user. Silargan® – The height of innovative cookware
Material is the basic requirement to producing quality products. With this in sight,
Silit solely utilises Silargan® as the foundation of the SICOMATIC® econtrol
pressure cooker.

An exceptional cookware material discovered from years of research, Silargan® is
an extremely durable, high-tech ceramic patented to Silit. It is ultra-hard, cut and
scratchproof. The material is awarded with a 10 year guarantee, displaying the
confidence that Silit holds in its quality.
Apart from demonstrating qualities of a sturdy material, Silargan® is also the ideal
cookware material for the modern-age health-conscious Malaysian. It is anti-
bacterial and neutral to taste, making it ideal for cooking, serving and storing foods.
Being nickel-free, it is also the first choice for people with allergies.
Silargan® also allows quick and even heat distribution up the sides of the
SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker to ensure that dishes are thoroughly and
properly prepared.

Stylishly-designed, high functionality cookware in Fresh Colours and Passion
Like functionality, design is also an integral part of all Silit cookware. The
SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker comes in a refreshing range of colours –
Fresh Colours (Dark Purple, Piano Black, Polar White, Lemon Green) and Passion
Colours (Crazy Yellow, Wild Orange, Energy Red). These colourful cookwares
serve to brighten up the kitchen, adding extra zest and delight to the cooking
With the exciting series of colours, there is no need to source for plates and bowls
for your dishes. Food can be presented to your loved ones straight from the
pressure cooker. Availability of SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker in Malaysia stores
SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker is available at House of Presentation. It comes in three sizes – 2.5 litre, 4.5 litre and 6.5 litre. The recommended retail
price of the SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker starts from RM1,599 – RM2,299.
(Please refer to the product fact sheet for de t a iled pricing)
More information on SICOMATIC® econtrol pressure cooker can be found on

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About Silit
Silit has developed a unique, pioneering surface technology for pots and pans made of special ferromagnetic steel protected by the trademark Silargan®. The environmentally friendly process guarantees perfect surfaces with highly innovative features and sensational aesthetics featuring many appealing colors.
For decades, Silit has stood for top-of-the-line products which make the mark by virtue of their excellent quality, optimal functionality and sophiscated design. Trail-blazing innovations such as the SICOMATIC® or the nickel-free, anti-bacterial high-tech cookware materials Silargan® and e30 have revolutionised the world of wellness cuisine. Thanks to modern technologies, cutting-edge product development and consistently high “Made in Germany” quality, Silit has become an internationally market-leading manufacturer of products for the modern kitchen.
Silit puts passion and know-how into unceasing efforts to make cooking easier, more plaesurable, more healthy and ecologically beneficial all the time. Design is an integral component of Silit’s entrepreneurial philosophy. Numerous awards have confirmed the exceptional esthetics and design of Silit products.
About wmf group
wmf group maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing sites for high quality, functional tableware and kitchenware including cutlery, cookware, appliances, knife ware and TrulyRoasted coffee machines. The company, founded in 1853, is a supplier of branded products meeting the highest demands made on design, quality and utility – distributed throughout the world. The company manages the ranges of 10 group brands – alfi, Auerhahn, Boehringer Gastro Profi, Hepp, Kaiser, petra, Princess, Schaerer, Silit, and WMF. These 10 brands are segmented into the WMF retail division (alfi, Auerhahn, Kaiser, petra, Silit and WMF), which operates over 200 outlet stores in Europe; consumer goods division (alfi, Auerhahn, Kaiser, Silit and WMF), consumer electric division (petra, Princess and WMF), professional hotel equipment division (Boehringer Gastro Profi, Hepp, and WMF Hotel) and coffee machines division (Schaerer and WMF).

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