The Star Newspaper – (Sunday 15th August 2010) – Is the water you are drinking safe? – Featuring New La Gourmet (BPA Free) Stainless Steel 3R Bottles

Is the water you are drinking safe?

  Water is essential to life. Up to 60% of the human body is water and the brain is composed of at least 70% water. Yet in this modern fast-paced world, we take it for granted that the water we drink is safe.

  The bottle or container that you are drinking from, could be dangerous to your health. Many bottles and containers contain a toxic chemical called Bispherol-A (BPA).

  BPA has been linked to chromosomal damage and serious hormone disruption. In 2008, Canada banned the use of BPA in bay bottles. There are many other chemicals in our drinking containers that are not good for us in the long run. This is especially so if we keep hot water in these containers.

  The children are the future and their health is a main concern. La gourmet 3R 18/8 stainless steel bottles provide us and our kids with a safe drinking container that is 100% BPA free.

  La gourmet has always been innovative and committed to giving consumers healthy alternatives and being at the forefront to provide a solution for problems. La gourmet is also committed to help safeguard the planet for our children.

  La gourmet’s “Love our Planet” campaign is a choice that La gourmet has adopted to focus on products that are truly innovative and Eco-friendly.

  La gourmet 3R bottles stand for: REFILL – To refill and rehydrate our bodies healthily with safe and healthy La gourmet 3R stainless steel bottles. People spend thousands of dollars every year on food, vitamins, medical bills,etc., and yet we don’t pay attention to where we get our water from.

  REUSE – To cut down plastic waste by re-using La gourmet 3R 18/8 stainless steel bottles. Plastic water bottles are a leading contributor to the waste and pollution problem that our planet is facing.

  REDUCE – To reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the resources we use by re-using our La gourmet 3R bottles and finally recycling them.

  Start our children young to reduce their carbon footprint.

  “Refill, Reuse, and Reduce is perhaps a useful mantra to educate our young to play an active role. A simple way is to teach them to re-fill their La gourmet 3R bottles with drinking water.

  Change starts from one person and we should not say that what we cannot change the world. Imagine in a normal day an average person probably drinks one mineral bottle of water a day, that is 365 bottles a year.

  Imagine that person changes his habit and uses a La gourmet 3R stainless steel bottle. La gourmet wants to make the world a better place.